Birthday Candle Stuffies

Stitch of Red

Regular price $30.00

Birthday candle stuffies are a special cake decor you can keep forever!  Not to mention, "germ friendly".  They are perfect for small children who grab everything, celebrating your pet, or those who don't like fire.  

The candle is made from polymer clay texturized to look soft with a stitched eye.  The "flame" is also polymer clay with yarn fragments to make it appear lit, but soft. Also included with purchase is a small plain cedar stand for easy display when not on cake/cupcake/cookie.  

One of a kind item, size and style always vary slightly...the perks of handmade, no one will ever have the exact one!! Average height 5" (from top of flame to metal post) and 0.5"wide.

FRAGILE ITEM not meant as a toy, tiny pieces could be a choking hazard!

THIS ITEM IS CUSTOMIZABLE- color choice (no more than 3/candle) and pattern optional (glitter, marble, polka dot, gold flakes, ombre...etc) Please email to discuss any custom orders. Prices vary according to custom requests.